Stone Oven SET PM-27 old series

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  • Not only suitable for baking pizza. Bake your own bread, pizza, pasta and desserts with the stone oven SET PM-27, which can also serve as a bread maker.
  • It is safe and easy to use, you get the traditional taste of the stone oven! And you benefit from an even temperature.
  • With just a few simple steps, the stone oven pizza baking stone reaches a maximum temperature of 400° in professional production.
  • This package consists of a dough cutter / pizza roller, an XXL – pan insert and two anti-stick paddles, with which the pizza can be easily pushed into the oven.
  • The pizza stone oven provides a natural and genuine taste through the bread baking stone. This is made of fireclay and is free of chemical additives.
  • The stone oven PM-27 is made of high quality stainless steel – materials and offers you a long life.
  • A new temperature display always gives you the correct values.


Product Description

Compact and space saving

If you are looking for a compact and space-saving stone oven, the PM-27 is just what you need. Thanks to its compact design, you can put the oven on edge and store it in a space-saving way.

With the PM-27 Pizza Maker you do not only bake pizza.

With PM-27 Pizza Maker you can bake not only pizza, but also other dishes such as desserts, pastries, meat, toast, chestnuts, cookies, cakes and rolls. Thanks to the bread baking stone and the two heating elements, top and bottom, the dish is heated or baked evenly from all sides, giving it the crispy taste of a stone oven. The bread baking stone reaches temperatures of up to 400 degrees, so the PM-27 Pizza Maker can quickly achieve professional baking results.

Become a pizza maker yourself now

Similar to professional stone ovens, the PM-27 reaches a maximum temperature of about 400° in just a few minutes. Ready to serve in a flash: Homemade pizza in about 5 minutes ready on the table, or in the garden with friends and family. Even frozen pizza you can raise to a whole new level and this is then also in about 2-3 minutes. Bake their dishes evenly and give your dough the perfect crust with our firebrick stone, which takes moisture from the dough.

Special features: -top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, OFF -reinforced bottom heat -each left and right hook to raise the lid.

NOTE: The blackening of the stone in this device, which reaches 400°C degrees, is a feature of the product. Blackening of the stone does not adversely affect the product in any way.

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