Precision Grater and Grating Set, 3 Pieces


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Quick Info: Clear and Compact

The ERATEC Precision Grater and Grating Set is the ideal complement to your food processor if you value quick and precise results. This 3-piece set, consisting of a fine grating drum, a fine shredding drum, and a potato shredding drum, offers you the control and versatility you need for preparing sauces, purees, potato dishes, and much more.





ERATEC Gourmet Grater and Grating Genius: Time-saving Precision

The ERATEC Gourmet Grater and Grating Genius is an essential 3-piece set that transforms your ERATEC food processor into a versatile tool for grating and shredding. With this set, you can quickly prepare ingredients for a variety of dishes – from fine sauces and purees to hearty potato dishes and casseroles.

Key Features:

  • Three specialized drums: Fine grating drum, fine shredding drum, and potato shredding drum for versatile applications.
  • Time-saving kitchen tool: Facilitates and speeds up the grating and shredding of ingredients.
  • High-quality materials: All drums are made of durable stainless steel.
  • Easy drum replacement: Quick-change system for straightforward drum replacement.
  • Dishwasher safe: Easy and convenient cleaning in the top rack of the dishwasher.


Technical Specifications


Informations complémentaires


Edelstahltrommeln, Kunststoffgehäuse


ERATEC Küchenmaschinen


1 feine Raspeltrommel, 1 feine Reibetrommel, 1 Kartoffelreibetrommel


Trommeln spülmaschinenfest, Gehäuse Handwäsche empfohlen


Trommeln: Silber, Gehäuse: Schwarz

Besondere Merkmale

Schnellwechselsystem, vielseitige Anwendungsmöglichkeiten


3 Trommeln, Gehäuse, Bedienungsanleitung

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