Airfryer with double chamber

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  • easy cleaning thanks to durable stainless steel material
  • suitable for fat-free deep frying
  • touch screen control for precise temperature and time settings
  • large capacity of 2 x 4,5 L = 9 L for preparation of different foods at the same time
  • efficient and fast power of 1700 W for the perfect frying result



Efficient frying in double – The Airfryer with double comb.

The double chamber Airfryer is the perfect appliance for those who want a quick, easy and healthy way to deep fry. With a capacity of 2 x 4.5 liters, you can fry different foods at the same time, saving time and energy. The dual Airfryer is made of sturdy stainless steel and features a touch screen control panel that allows you to easily and precisely set the temperature and time.

With Rapid 360° Air hot air technology, this appliance allows you to fry with reduced fat without sacrificing the taste and texture of your favorite dishes. The dual Airfryer is equipped with a powerful 1700 W motor that works quickly and efficiently.

The non-stick coating of the frying basket makes cleaning easy and the oil can be easily drained through the oil drain valve. The double Airfryer also has an automatic shut-off function and overheat protection to ensure your safety.

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